What we do

Consistent high performance = development objective

The Everest Academy offers world-class programs designed to transform leadership behaviours.

The Everest Academy guides this transformation by providing participants a unique “reboot” experience in a high altitude or wilderness environment coupled with coaching to reinforce new habits and make performance change accountable after they return to sea level. Their experiences are backed by measurement protocols to underpin confidence and objectivity in the results.

Consistent high performance is the development objective.

High altitude / wilderness + sea level = our syllabus

The centrepiece of our leadership programs is conducted in high altitude locations and culturally rich environments such as the Nepal Himalaya, or demanding and beautiful wilderness locations such as Cradle Mountain / Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania.

Our programs with a high altitude experience are 10-20 days on-mountain and are conducted at altitudes of up to 5500m-6500m. They offer an “elite” experience because the combination of the environment and our people facilitate particular lessons. These lessons are important for developing the emotional intelligence and humility fundamental for the culture of high performing teams.

Our programs with a wilderness experience are shorter duration at 3-7 days on-mountain and are conducted at lower altitudes but in variable weather conditions. They offer a demanding experience with a solid base for performance change but allow participants to be away from their workplace for fewer days.

For both program types, the on-mountain or wilderness experience is organised around a carefully prepared syllabus that includes activity sets designed to foster particular leadership outcomes at the individual and group level. Targeting the syllabus is achieved with reference to individual and team profiles. You can also read more about how we use personality-type diagnostics.

The book-ends necessary to complete both programs are pre-mountain preparation sessions for diagnostics and leadership orientation, and post-mountain follow-up sessions that enable participants to translate their on-mountain “reboot” experience into behaviours that will result in higher performance in their workplace.

We usually recommend a schedule of coaching for up to 12 months post-mountain to make the results durable, accountable and for new habits to form. You can also read more about our program rationale and our program structure.