• Damian Anderson General Manager - Melbourne

    “Having worked with John as leader I can without hesitation recommend him as an innovative visionary. Taking companies from concept to implementation and the further stage of maturing growth is a rare quality: John has it.”

  • John McLeod Safety & security manager - Melbourne

    “There was a strong identification with our vision and expectations at Melbourne and Olympic Parks. Nick delivered a powerful, honest, emotive and moving presentation on leadership and resilience that was entirely relevant to our stakeholders. Nick’s story was moving and unmistakeable.”

  • Ray Foster Business owner - Melbourne

    “Nick and The Everest Academy team provided great leadership to help me tackle some of the toughest days in my life. This enabled me to achieve my personal goals and return with a greater sense of self. His approach and message is outstanding: at the start, as a motivator, and in highlighting the benefits of planning, perseverance and goal-setting.”

  • Chris McNaughton Business investigations manager - Melbourne

    “Everyone at GE Capital learned some valuable lessons that the team can implement in their daily working life. Nick's presentation to our leaders was very inspiring and worthwhile for the whole team. The whole auditorium on the edge of their seats: that's something I haven't seen before. ”