• Roger Tanton CEO - Melbourne

    “John is a visionary and decisive leader who gets things done with efficiency and flair. He is perhaps the best strategic thinker I know. John motivates and mentors his staff and has a genuine interest in helping them achieve their full potential.”

  • Pat O’Kane Sports agent & athlete - Melbourne

    “John helped create a pathway in which I could make my own decisions and gave me great insight into how my personal attributes and values affect my behaviour and where I fit best. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone looking to further their professional career. ”

  • Dean Wylie Executive - Sydney

    “I only have praise for the entire Everest Academy team. This leadership development program was probably the hardest thing I have done in my life, but also one of the most rewarding!”

  • Leanne Lewis Educator - Melbourne

    “You made us believe in ourselves. It’s something we'll take with us well beyond the mountains of Nepal...The team atmosphere and support allowed me to push myself emotionally and physically beyond anything I could have expected.”

  • George Hitchens Project manager - Melbourne

    “John has really given me the confidence to grow as a leader. He takes the time to really understand you and your aspirations, but doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to calling out what may prevent you from truly reaching your potential. I’d highly recommend John as a mentor or coach.”

  • James Worth Consultant - Melbourne

    “I was extremely impressed by every aspect of The Everest Academy’s leadership program in the Nepal Himalayas and the attention to thorough preparation. Twelve out of 13 of us reached our 6500m summit goal which was an exceptional result. My personal experience and outcomes were significant and profound.”

  • Susan Ryan Creative intelligence expert - Melbourne

    “As a savvy business person and coach John helped me clarify and articulate my unique selling proposition and navigate the pathway to successful partnering with a leading  business school.  John’s wealth of experience, coaching skills and insightful nature make for a standout coach.”

  • michael stillwell testimonial

    Michael Stillwell Chairman - Melbourne

    “Insightful and highly relevant for our business leaders. Nick’s presentation to the CEO Institute about his experience climbing Mt Everest and the practical lessons at sea level for high performing teams really hit the mark. His insights about EQ and its impact on performance were very interesting.”

  • Paul Smythe Athlete & manager - Melbourne

    “The Everest Academy's program enabled me to really understand what I can build on for my business and me professionally. The format allowed us to challenge the status quo. Replacing everyday distractions with a wilderness environment helped us mould as a team where focus and success became common goals.”