Service promise

Unusual commitment, reciprocal promise

The Everest Academy makes an unusual demand on the commitment of our participants. We demand a willingness of participants to face their dreams and then make personal and team-based contracts to affect the change necessary to realise them.

We are not for everyone. But for those willing to honour that journey, we will make a promise that matches their sacrifice with a reciprocal promise of performance change. We will shape that promise in conjunction with each client.

We are committed to having our participants return from their on-mountain experience and complete their leadership program with their expectations – and typically those of their client organisation – exceeded.

This means we are prepared to make some clear commitments to you about our programs.

  • Measurable change in the way your people think and act and their levels of self-belief about what they think is possible
  • Higher likelihood of learning retention because participants undergo an intense undistracted experience in some of the world’s most remarkable and challenging environments
  • Confidence that at all times we will make the physical safety and mental health of participants our highest priority
  • Make leadership (and the behaviours necessary for it) relevant to and memorable for participants through a combination of our syllabus, the environment and our people