Our philosophy

We reject quick fix team building

The Everest Academy rejects quick-fix team building approaches that seek to gloss over individual differences or rush to cement team bonds when the foundation is weak. We put ‘self’ at the start of every leadership development process – even when teams are involved.

The Everest Academy’s philosophy re-asserts that our greatest barriers to performance are often erected by ourselves not others.

It is by accepting who we are and how we respond under pressure and taking responsibility for those behaviours that we begin to learn new levels of performance and new ways of being able influence others.

Only then can we begin to commit to the team we serve or lead so the team can earn the right to success. This comes through non-negotiable commitments at the individuals level and the collective conduct necessary to assure a performance change or winning.


Every individual and every team has their own Mt Everest to climb. Their own gap between aspiration and execution. Change needs a catalyst followed by commitment and is kept honest through accountability. There are no short cuts.

We summarise that journey as the “Six Peaks”. It’s shorthand for the process that a leader takes to build individual competencies associated with resilience, courage, judgement, influence and humility so the leader can effectively participate in or lead a high-performing team that becomes entitled to success through non-negotiable commitments to collective conduct.