Better leaders

More resilient, switched on, able to influence

More resilient, emotionally smarter, able to influence and committed to the conduct necessary to win. These are the kind of leaders we strive to help create.

The Everest Academy helps executives and elite athletes – and the people who recruit them – improve performance and careers by influencing the kind of behaviours and cognitive patterns required to make them better leaders.

Our high altitude and wilderness-based leadership programs are designed to transform people into real leaders. Leaders who after they return to sea level are ready to complete their journey to become more self-aware, more resilient, more consistent in the behaviours they model and better able to inspire others to follow them. In other words, be high performers.

We focus our attention on influencing the leadership behaviours associated with emotional intelligence. These are the capabilities that enable leaders to make better decisions about themselves, influence others, be more resilient in the face of setbacks and accept with necessary humility their place in a team.

For elite athletes in particular, we also work on making leadership practical and relevant, and instilling the belief in being able to win from anywhere.

The Everest Academy respects the role of class-based, sea level leadership training. It has its place when participants have need for a solid background in theory or they can’t travel far.

But when the organisation’s challenges demand that its leaders be self-aware – and this self-awareness needs development in an undistracted environment to an accountable process – then programs like ours have no substitute.

Five reasons to choose us

There are five reasons why you should choose The Everest Academy:

  • high-impact “reboot” makes behaviour change possible
  • undistracted, non-negotiable environments raise the stakes and focus
  • diagnostics provide a fact base
  • participants get emotional as well as cognitive commitment to change and guidance on turning new behaviours in to habits
  • leadership is made accountable and linked to performance