Why Us

Measurable and accountable

We develop great leaders and great teams. We teach individuals and organisations strategies for success and we show elite athletes and teams what it takes to win.

Our leadership development programs have been designed to meet the needs of corporate business leaders and elite sporting teams that are looking for leadership and team development that is measurable and accountable.

We immerse people in high altitude or wilderness environments where they can test their limits and gain insights about how they respond under uncertainty and adversity and reflect on how they need to change to become truly high performers.

We also work with you at sea level to measure your expected effectiveness and create a trusted environment in which you are held accountable for your change in performance.

Our selected Himalayan and wilderness environments create a critical opportunity to “reboot” and a powerful shared experience of winning. The rest of what we do provides the backbone for insight, commitment and the evidence that you have delivered.

Our program blueprint pushes well beyond unaccountable or unimaginative leadership development models. We steer away from a Powerpoint approach too familiar in leadership and team building practice in favour of an experiential approach to learning backed by diagnostics.

We’ve combined our high altitude leadership, resilience and team building principles forged from years in harsh environments with the science of what makes people who they are and how this influences behaviour.

The unique make-up of The Everest Academy team enables us to design and deliver the most contemporary leadership and team building programs available anywhere in the world. We have over 20 years’ experience leading individuals and groups in some of the highest regions on earth (including Mt Everest) and we’ve led and facilitated high performing teams, elite athletes and talented professionals.

We are committed to providing the ultimate in leadership development and we guarantee we will provide you with a profound learning experience that you will draw on time and again.

In business, sport and life… for life.

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John Carruthers –Director Programs
The Everest Academy