John Carruthers Director Program

John is The Everest Academy’s CEO and head of programs. John has been instrumental in developing the architecture for our leadership and behaviour change programs. John is an accomplished executive manager and executive coach with a lifelong passion for outdoor adventure. John leads by helping others to achieve their best. He is a confident problem solver and an articulate communicator. John’s experience as a successful high-tech CEO has helped make him accustomed to decision making under uncertainty and complexity. As a CEO, consultant and coach, John has accumulated extensive experience in people management and organisational strategy; he is accredited in Hogan leadership assessments and Rochemartin emotional intelligence diagnostics.  John is a professional member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has worked with organisations including SP AusNet, News Corporation, NAB, Australia Post, ADI (now Jolimont Capital), Amcor and Monash University. John also takes photographs specialising in portraiture and photojournalism.