SIX PEAKS: a story about discovering leadership

June 25, 2014

Overcoming challenges, confronting fears

A journey of discovery into the meaning of leadership is the focus of The Everest Academy’s recent documentary “SIX PEAKS”.

The Everest Academy produced the 25-minute documentary by following 13 Australians as they journeyed into the Nepal Himalaya in late 2013 on one of our high altitude leadership development programs.

Their destination was Mera Peak, a snowbound mountain that lies above 6400m.

The documentary focuses on the experiences of five of the participants, including three young people, all with very limited mountaineering experience.  They learn how to prepare themselves, overcome physical challenges and confront their fears.

They venture into a mountain region that would record its deepest snowfalls in two decades. They set off to climb a mountain and find personal leadership.

Redefining self belief

“SIX PEAKS” is a story about people redefining what they believe they are capable of. It echoes of Sir Edmund Hillary’s famous insight that in these kind of endeavours it is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves.

In the documentary we see the participants face challenges associated with living and working at altitude, self-discovery, discovering what it means to make success non-negotiable and overcoming constant hardship woven with candid interviews of the participants as they strive to achieve their personal summits and later at seas level.

The documentary deals explicitly with six themes being courage, judgement, influence, humility, resilience and entitlement to win – keys to how we teach leadership on our programs.

We have made for public release a 90-second trailer of the documentary.

If your organisation wants to see the 7-minute cut or the full-length 25-minute feature please contact us so we can arrange access.

By John Carruthers & Nick Farr