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Patterns of under performance

Under-performance manifests as familiar patterns.

With organisations it starts with slow or misplaced responses to market shifts and competition. For teams it’s often about poor culture and lax accountability. For individuals it can be loss of self belief or a failure to take personal responsibility. Losing games or losing market share are symptoms.

Leadership is a solution to some (but not all) of these kinds of problems.

That reality – and the reciprocal demands for commitment that we make upon our clients – mean that The Everest Academy is not for everyone.

Scenarios for which leadership development makes sense

These are some examples of organisational and individual challenges that we are familiar with – and for which one of our programs can be the right solution:

  • generational development – cadre of high-promise young managerial talent that needs more attuned awareness of others so they can become effective executives able to influence those they want to lead as teams
  • cohesive turnaround – an established leadership team that can’t agree or won’t collaborate to do what is necessary to deliver a company or divisional turnaround
  • winning experience – elite sporting team that is struggling to create a shared experience of success and to have players commit to the conduct necessary to win consistently and rebound from setbacks
  • career boost – former executives or elite athletes looking to take their careers in new directions and needing to understand themselves and the impact they have on others so they can authentically and powerfully influence others as coaches, leaders or entrepreneurs
  • rejuvenated leader – talented partner of a professional service firm or executive manager risks burn out or tapering value to their firm without the brief opportunity for insight and new challenges in an unfamiliar and undistracted environment