Program structure

Programs from 1 week to 12 months

The Everest Academy’s leadership programs range from a week to up to 12 months in duration.

Both our advanced and elite programs are structured in three parts with a program extension to secure the results. Day estimates are the commitment per participant.

  1. Pre-mountain preparation for diagnostics and rules on-mountain (1–2 days)
  2. Core on-mountain experience for the “reboot” (5–20 days)
  3. Post-mountain session to translate the experience into a plan for sea level behaviours (1–2 days)


Performance extension to coach individuals and teams to new habits, forge a non-negotiable commitment for the conduct necessary to succeed or win, and measure changes in performance (3–8 days over 9–12 months) *

Our introductory programs focus more on either the on-mountain experience or diagnostics and short-duration coaching (i.e. parts 1 and 3) and have limited performance extension. They are primarily intended as introductions to our advanced and elite programs. Our advanced and elite programs will generally be accompanied by a performance extension tailored to the needs of the client.

For a detailed comparison of our program options download a program brochure.

Customising with our clients

During all our programs, The Everest Academy invests in working with key stakeholders so we understand where the client organisation has come from, what it is trying to achieve and that they understand how the program is tracking. This keeps our programs relevant and accountable.

It is within these parameters and our development method that The Everest Academy can adapt the specifics of its programs to meet individual client needs.

Read about some scenarios for which our leadership programs are well suited.

* After extended programs we encourage participants to connect by arrangement to our alumni so they can further their development.