Individuals and teams that want results

The Everest Academy’s programs are aimed at individuals and teams that want development and change.

Development is associated with the intent to get better. Change is associated with a commitment to do the work. Success is a product of an uncompromising commitment to that path. And resilience is the capacity to stay the course when things get tough.

That is the arc of leadership development programs at The Everest Academy. Our programs are aimed at people who want to achieve results. We’re familiar with the kinds of scenarios for which our leadership development programs are well suited and those situations where they’re not.

Our programs are designed to suit executives, service personnel and elite athletes.

We measure leadership behaviours differently in each case, but our philosophy, our application of our Six Peaks method, and our approach to program structure remain constant.

Three pillars: experiential learning, measurement and accountability

The Everest Academy adheres to a carefully structured method for developing leaders and leadership in teams. Our programs are based on three pillars: experiential learning, measurement and accountability.

Experiential learning centres on the on-mountain experience. It is the core of our standard and elite level programs. Participants require a modest level of fitness, but no prior mountain experience.

Participants must prepare for the journey, overcome personal hurdles and test their emotional resilience. The on-mountain module provides directly relevant and kinaesthetic lessons in leadership and resilience.

How do I perform under pressure? How do the behaviours that derail me come to the surface? Can I maintain resilience when things get tough? Do I have the presence to positively influence others?

A program’s pre-mountain module is aimed at preparing participants cognitively and emotionally for their experience – and measurement. We use personality-type diagnostics to help provide participants with insight into their development areas pre mountain, to help us target aspects of the on mountain syllabus and later for performance measurement.

The post-mountain module is geared to helping participants translate their experience into a plan for effective sea level behaviours. This module completes our entry and some standard programs.

Our performance extension module is aimed at accountability. The on mountain experience provides the insight and a kinaesthetic catalyst for change, but it is support and accountability that make it lasting.

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John Carruthers –Director Programs
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