Pre mountain

Pre mountain = essential preparation

The pre mountain session forms an essential part of our programs.

It is aimed at preparing participants cognitively and emotionally for their experience – and for them to understand what is expected of them at high altitude or in the wilderness.

Participants are given some applied theory about leadership and they are introduced to personality-type diagnostics that help provide them with objective insights about themselves and others on their team. Participants are encouraged to share their profiles.

The diagnostics focus on aspects of personality and behaviour Рincluding competencies referred to as emotional intelligence Рthat can significantly boost or derail their performance in the workplace or on the sporting field. You can read more here about how we use diagnostics.

Participant profiles affect the syllabus

Participant profiles are linked back to the working environment particular to the participants and any challenges they are facing that may be impeding their performance.

Individual participants and teams are expected to face this process of enquiry candidly and courageously. They are also expected to begin thinking about the commitments they will be asked to pledge to themselves and their team at the end of the program.

The pre session also introduces participants to the on-mountain rules of engagement. This includes some non-negotiable rules around safety protocols, daily routines and personal interactions.

The pre mountain session is typically conducted over 1-2 days. It can be conducted on-site at the client organisation – or off-site in an undistracted environment. The session is typically conducted no more than 1-2 weeks prior to departure for the on-mountain experience.