Post mountain

Extending the kinaesthetic impact

An on-mountain experience with The Everest Academy offers a uniquely effective “reboot” event for participants searching to hone the mindset necessary for leadership or to reframe how they currently think about it.

But the attitudes and beliefs necessary to result in consistent behaviours need to be set as new habits. If they are not, the kinaesthetic benefits of the on-mountain experience will fade.

Habits take months to form. So repetition and feedback are necessary to be confident that new behaviours manifest consistently and in the right way. This process is critical to the accountability that The Everest Academy asserts is fundamental to effective leadership development programs.

Turning potential into habit takes time

The Everest Academy recommends performance extension programs that can extend for up to 12 months beyond the on-mountain experience.

This provides participants with the coaching and accountability they need to buttress their awareness on-mountain, and for client organisations to be confident they will get the best from their program graduates.

The extension provides participants with access to highly trained facilitators with whom they have worked during their on-mountain experience, and program alumni. It maximises outcomes for participants and their client organisations by guiding participants to:

  • channel personal change constructively
  • consistently and accountably translate their on-mountain experience into consistent leadership behaviours in their workplace and personal lives

All of The Everest Academy’s programs include a 1-2 day post-mountain session. It is focused on translating experiences into new behaviours in the workplace. It culminates in specific commitments that are made by individual participants and teams: these become personal and collective contracts that underpin accountability for change and become the basis of “earning an entitlement to success”.

At least one day of those post-session days is conducted on the edge of the high altitude or wilderness area: this keeps their experience and the future connected. This session is sufficient for organisations that want themselves to take on the full accountability for coaching and performance measurement post-program.

Our performance extension works beyond that – for organisations that want more – to complete the participant’s leadership program by coaching them through a 12-month plan of accountable action.