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Executive Coaching in Melbourne

Executive coaching is the type of training and development that can have dramatic results for men or women who recognise that they need to become a better leader.

If you are serious about building or sustaining a career that fulfils your potential then the following are a few of the biggest signs that you should be looking to arrange executive leadership coaching as soon as possible.


Executive Coaching is a must for anyone who is looking to bring a breath of fresh air to his or her career. 

Whatever industry you are in, it is imperative to take part in regular coaching sessions in order to hit the refresh button on your career and explore what you could do differently to reach the milestones you have for yourself and for your team. 

At the Everest Academy, we have years of coaching experience and have worked with hundreds of people to help them recognise their strengths, improve on the weakness and leave with a set of tools to boost their leadership skills and the performance of their team. 

Executive Coaching Companies

The first step to successfully completing executive coaching is admitting that it is necessary for you and your team. This can be difficult as many companies get stuck in old habits and are unable to instil innovative practices when they are no longer able to reach their targets. 

The Everest Academy can help you and your company if:

  • You have a young managerial team that lacks experience and need training to increase their leadership skills
  • Your company’s team of directors is unable to map out a clear mission and vision for the future 
  • Your team is finding it difficult to communicate and needs a reboot to focus on the goals that you have set 
  • You lack or are insecure about a set of skills that is holding you and/or your team back
  • You are looking to turn over a new leaf in your career and need unbiased insight into your strengths and weaknesses

Lack of resources, poor company culture and patterns of underperformance can create a list of recurring challenges that can be difficult to overcome. That’s why we recommend our innovative executive practices to re-ignite the passion in you, your team and your company. 

The Best Executive Coaching in Melbourne

Careers rarely follow a linear path, so if you need help getting back on track you’ve come to the right place. We understand that being an effective leader is not always easy, especially in a corporate environment where the business landscape is constantly evolving and targets are high. 

It’s easy to lose sight of overall goals when you work in a stressful environment and when you struggle to keep up with your own workload, it can be practically impossible to touch base with your team and make sure that they are working as well as they should be. 

That’s why we believe in going back to basics. By placing our participants in the wilderness, we aim to instil true leadership in their consciousness and make high-stakes decision making a second nature. 

Executive Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs are unique because they reject more conservative executive coaching practices. We shy away from coaching in groups or dialogue where there is no courage. We know that this is a waste of time as it does nothing to get to the real issues or reinvigorate workplace effectiveness. 

Our method follows a high-stakes – high-gain model that pushes participants to their limits, helping them to understand themselves and why they work in the way that they do. We want to participants to examine how they work under pressure and take responsibility for the negative as well as positive repercussions of their decision-making. 

We believe that it is only by facing your flaws and your fears head that you will be able to develop as a leader and inspire your team to follow your vision. 

Executive Leadership Coaching 

At the Everest Academy, we understand that every individual, every team and every organisation is different, which is why we offer flexible programs that to suit their needs. We offer executive coaching at sea-level and in associated with wilderness programs.

Our executive leadership programs that are based around a wilderness experience follow a simple three-part structure that includes:

  • Pre-mountain preparation to become fluent in rules and safety mechanisms to expect during the expedition 
  • On-mountain experience that is the core teaching and learning event
  • Post-mountain de-briefing to translate self awareness into new behaviours 

We also encourage participants to enrol in extended programs following their initial coaching experience in order to fully absorb the lessons from their on-mountain experience and ensure that these effectively transition into their working lives. 

Our experiential programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of business leaders and sporting teams that necessitate measurable and accountable team development. The carefully crafted syllabus is supported by experience and research and is based on six important principles:

  • Judgement
  • Influence
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Resilience
  • Earning entitlement to success

We guarantee that you and your team will feel a positive change after experiencing our exclusive wilderness-based programs because: 

  • Our “workspace” in the wilderness is far away from the offices and meeting rooms that you are used to which improves the chances of corporate behaviour change 
  • Teams are forced to focus on the tasks at hand as they don’t face day to day distractions and work in a high-stakes environment 
  • Personality-type diagnostics are used to bring out the best in individuals as well as teams
  • The program focuses on emotional intelligence as well as cognitive commitment in order to understand and change behaviours for long-term improvement
  • All participants are held accountable for their behaviours due to the short-term repercussions of decision making and their performance is tracked

Get in Touch with us Today if you’re Looking for a Career Boost 

If you and/or your team need a new perspective to tackle the challenges you are facing in the workplace then our executive coaching consultancy is for you. We can help you gain the skills, confidence and self-introspection you need to successfully navigate the hurdles you will face throughout your career like a true leader. 

Take a look our online brochure for more information about our programs or get in touch with us with your requirements and we’ll advise you on the training that’s right for you. 

The Everest Academy is the number one executive coaching program in Melbourne and we look forward to helping you and your team reach your leadership potential. 

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