Emotional Intelligence Training Melbourne

Emotional Intelligence Training in Melbourne

Being a high-performing that can have the biggest impact on your career.

Research shows that up to 40% of your performance at work is related to your emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is a set of personality-like attributes that strongly influence how well you manage yourself and work effectively others. The good news is that your EQ can be developed.


Emotional Intelligence Coaching Melbourne

In this respect, getting emotional intelligence coaching can turn out to be a highly effective way of reaching your potential as a leader – and building a high-performing team. High EQ leaders are more resilient in the face of setbacks and better able to engage with their peers and teams.

Build Engagement with Your Team Members

A big part of the payoff from higher emotional intelligence lies in being more able to engage with your team, peers and clients. Higher EQ allows you to empathise with them, listen better and amplify your influence to create career capital.

Coaching associated with your emotional intelligence can really help you and lift your impact with others.

EQ Training Melbourne

In this way, you can expect to help your team members perform at a higher level and enjoy more rewarding careers. By listening to them and understanding them more deeply you will become a manager who inspires and motivates.

Resolve Conflicts Better

We have difficult conversations every day: at work and in our personal lives. Resolving conflicts is one of the most challenging aspects of the management role for a lot of people. If you lead a big team or work in a performance-focused or high-pressure setting then conflict resolution can be a crucial and hugely important part of the role.

EQ Coaching Melbourne

Through emotional intelligence training Melbourne managers in this situation can learn how to navigate difficult conversations and find solutions that are likely to work better for all those involved. The right approach means that you will no longer be so worried about being caught up in conflicts: you will be more confident of avoiding or diffusing them.

Communicate More Effectively

The value of good communication is something that no manager should under-estimate. This is another area in which eq training Melbourne courses can prove to be great benefit to team leaders looking to improve over time.

The Best Emotional Intelligence Coaching Available

By looking for the most suitable and highly recommended eq coaching Melbourne managers give themselves a great basis for learning how to communicate with colleagues at all levels.  By learning the emotional aspects of communicating at work you can make life easier for yourself and those people that you deal with.

Manage Your Own Performance Better

Stay in Control

There is no doubt that keeping your emotions in check is a real key to delivering a strong performance in a team leadership role. After all, if you lose control then your team could end up drifting along like a rudderless ship, without direction or focus.

By boosting their emotional intelligence Melbourne managers can make it easier to stay in control and keep composed. This is especially vital in high-pressure settings where it can be easy to get stressed out.

The Best Emotional Intelligence Training Available

Emotional intelligence isn’t just about understanding other people’s emotions. It is also about learning to understand more fully your own emotional responses particularly in a stressful situation. When are we more likely to stop listening to others? Feel threatened? Worry that a small setback is less surmountable than it is?

Understanding the situations and triggers when it’s likely that you’ll get overtaken by your emotions where you’re likely is a key for managing your own performance better. With the help of emotional intelligence coaching Melbourne team leaders like you can move their performances onto the next level.

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Take back control of your relationships with others by learning how to use your emotional intelligence more effectively at work. Have a look at how the Everest Academy can help you build career capital through our coaching focussed on emotional intelligence.

Build Optimism and Resilience

Being able to sustain a positive, optimistic outlook even under difficult circumstances is probably the number one emotional intelligence driver of performance. Optimism is a key characteristic of high-performers.

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It helps makes you more resilient, better able to rebound from setbacks without losing focus or getting caught up in your emotions.

You too can learn what it takes to reframe setbacks as opportunities and to cultivate detachment so you don’t take setbacks personally. You can also learn some simple approaches that will help keep you more composed under pressure 

Optimism and resilience are two of the high-performance capabilities we work with our clients on with emotional intelligence coaching Melbourne at The Everest Academy.

The Everest Academy specialises in leadership development in Melbourne, as well as emotional intelligence training and executive business coaching.

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