Safety & health

The physical safety and mental health of our clients is paramount.

Mt Everest tested high-altitude management

We design our on-mountain experiences based on what we call our mountain management system. The system is based on decades of experience at high-altitude, including multiple ascents in our team of Mt Everest and other Himalayan peaks, mountaineering best practice and years of experience in police search and rescue.

Our system means that for our program participants we:

  • manage their acclimatisation to high-altitude by rigorous adherence to managed altitude gain and carefully designed on-mountain activities and route selection
  • put their safety first by following emergency and safely protocols for every trip that reflect know-how from best practice mountaineering and police search and rescue

Hygiene and nutrition management

Hygiene and nutrition are two critical weapons for physical success in the Nepal Himalaya. Properly managed they leverage the environment into the learning aid it can be. Unmanaged, they are a significant disadvantage. That is why The Everest Academy:

  • operates its leadership programs with specially trained cooks with multiple 6000m+ expeditions to their credit
  • supplements its core programs with sports science experts for those client organisations or individuals who do not have that advice in-house

Mental health

Stress in moderated doses is a key ingredient for learning. But people can have different stress thresholds and often respond to those pressures in different ways. These responses can occur in the workplace, the classroom and or during a high-altitude program.

We regard the mental health of our participants as very important.

We engage professionals with a background in clinical or organisational psychology for our on-mountain experiences. They are trained to recognise to signs of stress, lack of motivation, conflict and similar problems and to deal effectively with them.

Also, all our on-mountain leaders are experienced at leading teams in high-alpine, high-altitude or corporate environments.