Building trust: Khare

building trust at khare

October 24, 2013

Moment of trust

For every mountaineer there is a first-time moment of trust. It comes when you believe with all your soul that when you kick into the ice wall and step onto it with all your weight you will be supported by the three metal prongs sticking into the ice. Improbable, but true.

But it can only happen with a leap of faith. Doubt, and your angulation and weight distribution will fail. This our crew must learn: the hard way. How to trust the process, how to trust themselves. Let alone trusting others; that comes the moment they rope up on the glacier.

Learning influence

Leadership can feel like this. Good leaders learn when to let go. They learn when it is more effective to influence others, than simply to leap in and try to direct or do everything themselves.

Now, the lessons about leadership and collective action come thick and fast. They’re all in this together. The penny drops. It isn’t always easy. And his is not a sea-level dress rehearsal. Tomorrow we climb onto the ice.

By Nick Farr