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September 1, 2016
Blame it on Rio? Choosing the frame, means choosing our experience
Power of the frame Defeat or new beginni...

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“The core of this program strongly resembles the one we took to win an AFL premie...”
Brian Cunningham
CEO - Adelaide

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“Working with John has provided me with insightful and practical ways to be much ...”
David D
Customer Experience Executive - Melbourne

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“For any organisation looking to transform their staff or an individual wanting ...”
Mark Stennett
Director of photography - Melbourne

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“John has provided me significant value as both business coach and mentor. John e...”
Marianne Bateup
Senior Change Manager - Sydney

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“It was an absolute privilege working with John focusing on my EQ and leadership ...”
Shaun Richardson
Senior business banker - Melbourne

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Leadership Development Melbourne

Getting the right leadership coaching can revitalise anyone’s career. This is the sort of training that can boost career prospects and make work a source of fulfilment again.

If you currently considering going on a course to bring out your full potential, then there are some excellent reasons why this type of coaching could be a value-adding move for your future.


Leadership Coaching Melbourne

Most managers don’t have a clear and unbiased assessment of what their strengths and weaknesses are. Particularly, as others see you. Yet, this is an invaluable foundation for becoming the best manager that you can be and finding “flow” in your career.

A professional leadership development program will allow you to get a better understanding of those attributes that stand out above other as what you are good at - and what are those things that are holding you back. World-class assessment tools can be of particular help here too This could make all the difference in the way that you approach your future training and development.

We're Experts at Coaching Leadership in Melbourne

Many new managers struggle to adapt to the role because they lack a robust foundation for self-confidence. They try to wing it in spite of their doubts and team members and clients are often to see through it. The dissonance can be particularly acute following a big step up from a technical position to a demanding management role.

By going on a training session aimed at leadership development Melbourne bosses can boost their confidence levels. This is something that can really help a new manager settle in quickly and get better results more quickly.

Leadership Development Courses

You might think you need detailed technical training in order to make better decisions at work. However, with the help of leadership coaching Melbourne managers like you can improve their decision making skills greatly.

This is because it the coaching and diagnostic tools will give them the insights they need to be a more well-rounded and decisive team leader. The key is to understand your decision-making biases and your receptiveness to feedback. Good leaders understand their drivers for making bad decisions and how to avoid making them repeatedly.

Interested in Leadership Coaching?

Of course, one of the eventual aims of all managers is to get their team working to their optimal capacity. Coaching leadership can be a big help.

Once you become a more effective, confident and decisive leader it becomes a lot easier to lead a team in the right direction. This will bring you more career fulfilment as you coach your team to grow and achieve success with fewer interventions and performance reviews.

Get a Career Boost

Contact Our Leadership Coaches Today!

No matter what their main reason is for looking for coaching leadership Melbourne managers can give their career a valuable boost in this way. It is a high ROI way of getting more achievements on your CV and authentic, glowing testimonials from your staff and clients that help you win the career opportunities you are after.

Whether you are planning on staying with same company or moving somewhere else for a brighter future, this is the kind of powerful training that can make your dreams come true.

Why not take a look at the training possibilities that the Everest Academy offers to bright and ambitious managers? It could be the perfect way to become the effective leader that you have always wanted to be.

The Everest Academy specialises in leadership development in Melbourne, as well as emotional intelligence training and executive business coaching.

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